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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  June 14, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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democrats play the waiting game and congressman anthony weiner's sexting scandal, hoping president by his wife, colleagues and the president will force him to resign. good afternoon. >> we begin today with a developing story in the news. arnold schwarzenegger's former housekeeper is speaking out for the first time about their affair, their son and the stunning moment when maria shriver found out about it. >> mildred broke her silence in an exclusive interview with "hello" magazine. shriver asked her point blank whether the boy had been fathered by schwarzenegger. >> she also said she realized the truth about her son when he got older and began to resemble the former governor. when the boy found out schwarzenegger was his dad, he reportedly said "cool."
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house democrats are meeting behind closed doors to talk about whether anthony weiner should step down amid his sex scandal. >> there's growing pressure for him to resign. chances are, he won't make such a big decision until his wife returns from her overseas trip early tomorrow. >> reporter: after more than two weeks of the photo scandal and seeing more of anthony weiner than they wanted. what many on capitol hill would like to see now is weiner stepping down. >> i think he should resign. >> reporter: the calls for that increasing from his own party and at the highest levels. this morning nancy pelosi laid out her position. >> i wanted to be sure that they knew why i came to the conclusion that with the love of his family, the confidence of his constituents and the need for help that comes from weiner, he should resign from the congress. >> reporter: and for the first time, john boehner weighed in
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when asked if he thought the congressman should quit. >> yes. >> reporter: as weiner's overexposure overtakes the conversation on capitol hill, even president obama said he would step down if it were him. >> ultimately this job is it not about us, it's not about our ambitions, it's not about our positions. it's about how well we serve the people who sent us to washington. >> reporter: fellow new york democrat carolyn mccarthy said weiner may soon go. >> hopefully we're here and he may resign in a couple days. >> reporter: whether that's true is unclear. now in a two-week leave from congress, congressman weiner has said he won't make any decisions without his wife. top hillary clinton aide, his wife, will arrive back from a trip early tomorrow. chuck schumer called the situation heartbreaking he's into the calling on weiner to resign. kristen dahlgren, news 4. >> let's get the latest on our
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weather, a few clouds out there, and a cooldown below average. >> our average high temperature is 84 degrees, right now we're sitting at 10 degrees below average. it is a very cool day outside. temperatures of 73 very spring like across the area. we see a lot of cloud cover as the system makes its way overhead. temperatures around the region 75 right now in frederick, 74 in sterling. 72 in winchester. 73 in annapolis, and down toward leonardtown coming in there with the temperature of 77 degrees. live digital doppler radar showing a couple of light showers, i'm not expecting much in the way of shower activity, as i mentioned yesterday. maybe a sprinkle during the evening tonight. most of us will be on the dry side as you make your way home or you make your way out and
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about this evening. we may go up a degree or so. 69 by 9:00, and by 11:00, we're talking about temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, with a temperature of 66. it's going to feel cool as we make our way through the evening tonight and early tomorrow morning as well. you may have noticed the cooldown when you woke up and stepped outside this morning. you're going to notice it again during the day tomorrow. i'll talk much more about your forecast tomorrow afternoon and let you know when the rain chances really move back in in my full forecast in a little bit. >> thanks, doug. after more than 30 years of debate, the fda has come up with new rules for sunscreens. the fda says sunscreens must protect against both types of the sun's radiation, uvb and uva rays in order to claim broad spectrum protection. the rules also ban waterproof or sweat proof from the labels. the claims are false. companies can determine how many
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minutes a product is walter resistant. only sunscreens with an spf factor or higher are able to claim protection from sunburn or skin cancer. there's been no proof whether spf's higher than 50 actually offer more protection. thousands are out enjoying the weather, the golf and the food. a local catering company is scoring big. watching the golfers here at bethesda is only part of the story. you also have a corporate village of hospitality tents, more than 30 here at the u.s. open. and all of them indicatored by a single indicatorer from our area, creating jobs and feeding thousands of people. ridgewell. >> our first u.s. open started
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in 1993 in new jersey. and we've been skacatering the n since with the exception of pebble beach or pinehurst where they do their own catering. >> reporter: susan took me on a tour of the kitchen ridgewell has prepared here. >> we're freshly grilling chicken here. roasting peppers, buffalo shrimp. it's all fresh product. we're all about having fresh organic, sustainable foods. this is bigger than the inaugural parties they indicator. and it's a good look at how holding the open here is helping the economy. >> we're going to feed over 30,000 people this week. we hired over 350 part time employees from the various culinary schools, on top of the 240 people we have back at head quarters, it's a busy time for us, and we'll do almost $3
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million worth of business this week. >> reporter: coming up, we'll show you how close to the players the fans are getting during these practice rounds. as our coverage of the u.s. open continues. >> the actual tournament starts on thursday. tickets are sold out for the tournament. but news 4 at 4:00, is giving away a pair of tickets to sunday's final round on father's day. what better present can you give your husband or father. >> the perfect present. for a chance to win you need to win the secret word. today's secret word is swing. now what you need to do is go on nbcwashington's facebook page. the address is . >> you need to enter swing as the password for your chance to win the tickets. we'll give you another chance to win tomorrow at 4:00, with another secret word, and the winner will be picked tomorrow night on facebook.
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congrats to whoever out there wins these first two. >> good luck. >> the field of condy dates is about to get more crowded. a sitting governor appear to be ready to jump into the fray. president obama spent the day shoring up the hispanic vote. here's steve handlesman. >> reporter: republican jon huntsman quit in april as president obama's ambassador to china. he confirmed this afternoon he wants his ex-boss's job. >> i attend to announce that i will be a candidate for the presidency a week from today. >> reporter: friends of rick perry claim he'll declare soon, like congresswoman michele bachmann at last night's debate. >> i filed today my paperwork. >> reporter: the latest poll put mitt romney far in front of these six rivals. why is hunts man jumping in, mike perry, sarah palin.
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>> what it means is that nobody's afraid of mitt romney. this is his second time around, he didn't perform that well in 2008. >> reporter: tim pawlenty was cautious. pulling back his attack line linking romny to obama health care. >> using the term obamney care was a reflection of the times. >> reporter: president obama said he's working on high gas prices and unemployment. >> day by day, step by step, he will solve them. >> reporter: he feels people suffering, the president told ann curry. >> the notion somehow that i'm calm about that is nonsense. >> reporter: campaigning in hal ham, mitt romney fired back. >> a loud and clear message that our president is not connected with what's happening in america, and his policies have failed us. >> reporter: the 2012 republican target is crystal clear. even though it's far from clear which republican the president
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will face. i'm steve handlesman, news 4. >> for the first time since it opened 26 years ago, the national building museum here in washington will be charging an admission fee. the private nonprofit museum will begin charging $8 for adults, $5 for youth, students and seniors on june 27th. the executive director says the fee is necessary to supplement donations from supporters who were devastated by the recession. this is not the first time the museum has charged visitors. lego architecture towering ambition has cost $5 since it opened in july. despite the fee, the exhibit has drawn 100,000 visitors. did you know today is flag day. the day commemorates the adoption of the flag back in 1777. in preparation for the 200th an verszry of the war of 1812 several maryland prison inmates
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are sewing copies of the flag in a flew over ft. mchenry. the flags will be sold to maryland public agencies and nonprofits. 60 have been sold so far. still ahead on news 4 at 4:00, a big night on nbc. ♪ >> we'll go to l.a. for a preview of tonight's quarterfinal round of "the voice." fans have bieber feverer, did the teen make the cut in a new list of best paid celebrities under 30. ♪ >> even "sesame street" is poking fun at
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keurig. the revamped "spider-man" turn off the dark show officially opens on broadway tonight. a creative overhaul over the past two months gave the show a new director and new script. the original was caught in a web of bad publicity. critics blasted the show and then five cast members were injured working on it. including a stuntman that fell from 30 feet. "spider-man" is the most expensive show ever produced on broadway. finally, the time has come.
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so much anticipation. >> even the monsters on sesame street are taking pot shots at spider-man. ♪ i'm a spider monster watch me fly to the sky ♪ >> oh, that's not flying either, he just dropped you. >> you must be patient, sir, it's bono's first show ever. >> the monster carrying grover is supposed to be bono. sesame street made the video to promote its upcoming season. we sat down with the producers and discussed all the bad press they're getting.
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you can watch the full interview tonight at 7:00. let's talk about "the voice." it's all about team adam and team selo on tonight's show. >> singers from both teams will perform live at 9:00, vying for the chance to go on to the semifinal round. sarah edwards has all the latest from tonight's episode in l.a. >> reporter: for performers on team christina as well as the singers on team blake, nerves just may be kicking in right now. >> this is your town. >> reporter: sadly, two conte contestants from each of those teams are going home tonight. the viewer votes pick one artist, the coaches have to check the other. but then it's adam levine and selo's turn to take the stage. the maroon five front man told
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jay leno last night about his strategy. >> we're going to go out there and take the simple approach. >> is the contest hitting some sour notes amongst the judges. >> it's my time right now, christi christina. >> is there actual tension there with you and christina? what's going on? >> they fabricate a lot of it. >> reporter: it's a reality show that has america watching to see who will become the next big voice in the music industry. reporting from los angeles, i'm sarah edwards, nbc news. lady gaga is at the top of her game, she's also at the top of forbes magazine's list of the highest paid celebrities under the age of 30. the 25-year-old pop star grossed 170 million from her last counsel effort tour and cd sales. another singer justin bieber is
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second. he made a cool 53 million last year. at the age of 17, he's the youngest star on the list. miami heat's lebron james is third, with 48 million. he's 26. fourth on the list is roger federer who turns 30 in august. he raked in 46 million last year. and 21-year-old taylor swift rounds out the fop five with $45 million in earnings. is it a case of cold feet? hugh hefner's fiancee has called off the wedding just five days before the big day. hefner tweeted the wedding is off, crystal had a change of heart. he's 85 years old, the wedding was planned for saturday at the playboy mansion. >> she could have been on that under 30 list there. officials of prince georges county are considering a proposal that would make restocking your liquor cabinet as easy as picking up the phone.
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the idea is getting a lot of resistance. we take a closer look in this week's edition of the 20. >> reporter: doctors rarely make house calls any more, but the local liquor store may under a new proposal being considered in prince georges county. liquor stores would be allowed to deliver beer, wine and alcohol to their customer's front doors. joining me now is ben geils. ben, what are your followers saying to you about all of this? >> most people are outraged or disturbed that this is even being considered. they're kind of curious as to why people would want or need to have liquor delivered to their front door. why not just go down to the store a couple blocks away. is it that big of a deal to have it delivered to you like a pizza? >> some have argued this would reduce the number of drunk driving accidents.
4:20 pm
? any evidence of this? not that i'm aware of, maad doesn't seem to know of any study of any kind that would be able to get the alcohol to you rather than going on a beer run would help lower drunk driving. >> what are the chances of something like this passing? >> it seems pretty good. it is not a law that the county council or the county executive have to sign off on, if the liquor control board wants to do this, they can do it. >> you're all over it, thanks for bringing it to us on the 20 today, we appreciate it. >> it will be interesting to stay tuned, and the date we should watch is? >> june 28th, that's the day the board will consider it. >> thank you, ben. you can follow us on nbcwashington on twitter, you can follow me @jimhanley, one word. for more information, go to 20. coming up on news 4 at 4:00,
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the crew on a racing boat are thrown around as the boat capsi capsizes. another cool one out there, and there's a chance of rain coming later in the week, doug's forecast is coming up next.
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scary moments for the crew of the 45 foot racing boat that capsized in the middle of san francisco bay. whoa is right. cameras were rolling as a gust of wind pushed that boat over yesterday. crew members held on for dear life as the boat flipped. the team was promoting america's cup, which is an annual sailboat race. one person was injured after falling through a sail. but that person is expected to be fine. >> you don't practice. i've never seen anything like that. >> that flipped forward. >> they are just hanging on by a string. look at that. >> wow! >> that's some serious sailing. >> yeah, that is something that we will never do. >> no, we won't. >> we were going over the chesapeake this weekend, my wife looked down and said, sailing, is that tough to do?
4:25 pm
yes, honey, that's tough to do. power boating all the way. >> we've got some really nice cool stuff going on here, we missed the sunshine. >> and we did lose the sun, if we had the sun today it would have been great. tomorrow is going to be perfect just for that. tomorrow's going to be fantastic. >> we'll share it. >> let's share it all the together. tomorrow is going to be a great day. just about perfect as a matter of fact. temperatures have been held down for a couple reasons, one a northerly flow, also, that cloud cover that's made its way in here. only 73 degrees, our average high temperature this time of year is 84. we're about 10 degrees below average. temperatures around the region, 71 in hagerstown, 73 in washington, 77 in leonardtown, that's as high as we go. there is nobody out there at 0 degrees, we have not seen 80 degrees. this is is the first time we've been below 80 in a long time,
4:26 pm
and the coolest number we've seen since the end of may, or at least may 20th, that's a long time. over 3 weeks ago. live digital doppler radar shows a couple showers up there. around the jefferson county area, we're not seeing much it the way of shower activity out in. even a little shower here, montgomery county, right along the potomac. that's about it, you see this as an area of low pressure, it's making its way down across the region. that's why we've seen the clouds all day long. those clouds are going to give way to mostly clear skies overnight tonight. mostly cloudy, on the cool side this evening. 68 to 74 degrees. tomorrow morning, mostly clear. cool, you may need a jacket or a light sweater as you step out tomorrow morning. 53 to 59 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny. a great day. 76 to 80 degrees, tomorrow is it going to be fantastic, as we move on through the next four days, a high of 80 degrees as well on thursday. i think we're going to see a pretty good chance of rain on
4:27 pm
thursday. friday less of a chance, still a chance of a shower. saturday coming in at 87. and the one thing i'm worried about on thursday, of course. that's the first day of the u.s. open, it's going to be nice temperaturewise, i think we're going to see a lot of clouds, and some of those storms in the afternoon could be on the strong side. >> they seem to fire up every u.s. open out there. >> you may be out there. >> i hope so. still to come at 4:00, the prosecution is close to resting in the casey anthony trial. today's developments coming up. >> what are you waiting for. >> a plea from the mother of that
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>> i'm pat lawson muse. democratic lawmakers are meeting behind closed doors to decide whether anthony weiner will quit. weiner is now on a two-week leave of absence. his wife is due back from an overseas trip tomorrow morning. the fda released new rules for sunscreens today. the fda says only season screens with an spf of 15 or higher can claim protection from sunburns and skin cancer. they also said it's false to call a sunscreen completely waterproof or sweat proof. these along with other rules involving labelling the products will go into effect next year. president obama's on his way back to washington from puerto rico. he spent the day shoring up re-election support in the hispanic community. two more republican rivals appear ready to join the race for president. president obama's former a.m. bass dear to china says he will declare next week, and friends
4:32 pm
of rick perry says he plans to run as well. and on wall street, it's about time. stocks made big gains after yesterday's lackluster trading day. the dow jones industrials picked up about 123 points, sending them back over the 12,000 mark. the nasdaq was up 39 points. and the s&p 500 ended the day 16 points higher. prosecutors are close to wrapping up their case against casey anthony. they're expected to call their final witnesses to the stand as early as today or tomorrow. then the defense will get its turn. a crime scene expert described a heart shaped sticker found in her daughter's room and on the girl's remains. casey is charged with first degree murder, she could get the death penalty if she's convicted. authorities are expanding
4:33 pm
the search for a missing indiana university student. they're now using drones to try to find her. she disappeared nearly two weeks ago now, and as nbc's john yang reports, investigators are reviewing a lot of evidence but police along with her parents hope someone has the clue that will lead them to her. >> from lauren's anguished mother. >> what are you waiting for? what are you wait for. >> a desperate personal plea to anyone that can lead her and her husband to her daughter. >> what you know may help us. it may be the key that will help us. >> reporter: police worked to enhance security camera video, showing at least one car where lauren was last seen. >> this is not to be identified as a suspect vehicle or a vehicle of interest or anything at this point. i don't want us to make that leap. this is something that has caught our attention.
4:34 pm
>> on the ground and from the air with small remote control planes equipped with cameras. the search for lauren continues. police are expanding the circle of friends and acquaintances they want to talk with as they try to figure out what happened to her. she was last seen walking to her apartment after a night out with friends. >> a lot of people have been talked to. law enforcement is going to keep talking to them. piece by piece by piece this puzzle is going to be put together. we're going to find out what happened to her and who shares the responsibility of what happened to her that night. >> reporter: lauren's parents are trying to give their missing daughter a voice. charlene read an e-mail lauren sent her parents on a spring break trip to israel with her sister this spring. >> making the zirt looser so the air can get to the trees. >> soaking up everything and
4:35 pm
living up every single second. lauren, i love you. your spirit is with us. we're never going to stop. a philadelphia woman is in jail accused of using facebook to hire a hit man. police say 20-year-old eli went on the social networking site after fighting with her baby's father offering $1,000 to anyone who would kill him. a man offered to help her. apple today is taking the locks off one of its most popular gadgets. the iphone is now available in a version that allows buyers to switch carriers at home and overseas. international travelers can swap
4:36 pm
out their sim card and avoid roaming charges. t-mobil can only provide voice and low data speeds, the phones cost up to $749. that's expensive. there is more to come on news 4 at 4:00. tracy morgan tries to make amends for his homophobic rant last week. a deadly accident on a ferris wheel. >> you must put the seat belt on while operating a motorcycle. why shouldn't a ferris wheel have a restrachbt. >>@@@@@@ú@@@
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if you misseded secret word to win tickets to sunday's final round of the u.s. open on father's day, we'll tell you one more time. >> for a chance to win, you need to know the secret word. today's secret word is swing. now, what you need to do is go to nbc washington's facebook page. the address is
4:40 pm . >> you need to enter swing as the password for your chance to win tickets. we'll give you another chance to win tomorrow with another secret word, and the winner will be selected at random and announced tomorrow night on facebook. >> good luck. if you already have tickets and you want to know everything from where to park and what you can and can't take with you, go to our website, >> we'll have a complete coverage kickoff on the u.s. open preview show. >> there's a whole list of things you can't bring. there's a creature that is pretty big, a tortoise at the south dakota zoo celebrated his 130 birthday. the giant tortoise was born in 1881. keepers at the rapid city zoo say he could live another 20 years. the 500 pound animal has had some of his favorite food,
4:41 pm
watermelon on the big day. veterinarians think tortoise' longevity comes from their vegetarian diet and gentle nature. >> he's not a fast mover, but he seems to like that watermelon. >> if we eat more watermelon will we live longer? maybe, maybe not. the highest priced home in the country gets sold to a 22-year-old. a highwire act that this window washer didn't plan on.
4:42 pm
today is not about finding the time to do your homework. it's not about logging on to this week's class. today is a celebration, a triumph of dedication, a victory for that little voice
4:43 pm
that urges us on. today is a day to recognize that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, and to prove that not all heroes wear a cape. some wear a cap and gown. congratulations to the strayer university graduates of 2011.
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we were able to turn off the air and open the windows last night, doug? >> it felt good, but a lot of people felt a chill outside. we were in the 90s for six straight days. this morning you wake up and walk outside and go, whoa! wait a second.
4:45 pm
i may need a jacket or a sweater. you may have had to brought the kids in this morning too change into pants. we're dealing with plenty of cloud cover. current temperature only 73 degrees, the high temperature so far is 74, that's 10 degrees below our average high temperature, this is the coolest day in over three weeks. wind out of the north-northwest right now at about 7 miles per hour. 71 in hagerstown, 72 in clinton maryland. laplata coming in at 72 as well. look to the north, that's where our air is coming from, 66, 74 in philly, hagerstown at 71. elkins, west virginia a very cool 65 degrees. looks like some really dark clouds coming in, are we going to expect some showers and thunderstorms? i don't expect thunderstorm activity, but you may see a sprinkle or two. 59 degrees out there overnight tonight in washington. 54 in frederick, 53 in
4:46 pm
martinsburg. tomorrow afternoon, simply gorgeous, 80 degrees, plenty of sunshine in the d.c. area, 77 in martinsburg, 83 in fredericksburg, temperatures will be warming up over the next couple days, our rain chances will go up too on thursday. a good chance of rain, and maybe even strong thunderstorms with a high of 82. 87 degrees looking dry for saturday 37. >> all right. we'll take that. >> yeah, so far. >> thank you. it is the most expensive property in the country and candy spelling can finally put the sold sign out front. >> spelling reportedly sold her 1$150 million xanadu to a 22-year-old, the heiress to the formula one racing chief. the 57,000 square foot house has
4:47 pm
27 bathrooms, a gift warming room, a flower cutting room, bowling alley, billiards room and an arcade. if it had a tennis court i would have been in on this. tmz reports the initial offer was for $75 million. the exact sale price has not yet been revealed. it is up there in the stratus fear as they say. >> you just have to have a gift wrapping room in a house like that. and you need a room where you can cut flowers. >> exactly. >> otherwise. >> don't we all know that? what good's the house if you don't -- >> i hope she's giving away a lot of stuff. >> she probably gives away a lot. she can afford to. meanwhile, tracy morgan is returning to nashville to offer an apology for an anti-gay rant he made during a standup show this month. >> the "30 rock" star has come under intensifier for saying, if his son were gay he would pull out a knife and stab him.
4:48 pm
today morgan announced plans to return to nashville and apologize. morgan will meet with gay and lesbian youth in new york city this week, and he'll take part in a public service campaign to combat anti-gay bullying. a look at the future of airplanes. a man's long afternoon at work. an afternoon he'll never forget. consider yourself warned, police step up patrols across the region to crackdown on hov violators. stick around for news 4 at 6:00, new advice about whether a
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4:51 pm
airbus has unveiled its plane of the future.
4:52 pm
a see-through cabin which may not be comforting to some. the transparent walls would change with the light conditions. interactive gails and other displays would be powered by the heat from passengers bodies. don't go trying to book a flight on this plane. you may have to wait 40 years before it takes off. we're just giving you a sneak peak. >> that is cool. >> yeah, that is cool. a dramatic rescue in china caught on tape. an elderly man was cleaning windows outside a tenth floor apartment in beijing. he slipped and fell two floors. fortunately his foot got caught on the grill of a window on the eighth floor. neighbors heard all the fuss and commotion and they called the fire department. a rescuer tied the man's leg to the grill. by then the man was already in shock and wouldn't loosen his grip on the railing. firefighters had to convince him
4:53 pm
to let go so they could pull him to safety. coming up at 4:00, the push for c
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4:56 pm
an 11-year-old girl fell to her death from a ferris wheel at a new jersey amusement park earlier this month. her parents are now calling for safety changes. jeff rossen reports. >> reporter: it is one of the tallest ferris wheels on the east coast. 156 feet high with sweeping views of the ocean. 11-year-old avia jones got on alone. she was here at morey's piers amusement park with her classmates. the trip a reward for making the honor role. the next thing anyone knew she
4:57 pm
plunged out of the gondola to her death. her heart broken parents still don't believe it. >> the most beautiful person you ever want to meet. >> i was blessed to be her mother. she was a blessing. >> reporter: according to the manufacturer, the ferris wheel has an age requirement to ride alone. avia met that, she's 11. she also met a height requirement imposed by morey's pier. whatever happened, there were no seat belts, no restraints, no cage to keep her inside. >> it's the law, you must put a seat belt on while operating a motor vehicle. why shunts a ferris wheel have a restraint. >> do you think if there were restraints, your daughter would be alive today? >> absolutely. >> of course. >> absolutely. >> reporter: in new jersey, ferris wheels are not required
4:58 pm
to have restraints. in fact, most ferris wheels nationwide don't have restraints. this particular ride passed inspection recently. after the accident investigators found no malfunctions or defects. the ride has been at this park for decades without incident. and the park has a good safety record. this is the first guest fatality ever. one of the family's points was, why not cage in these ferris wheels all together so no one can fall out no matter what happens? >> our operating history for the last 26 years shows it's not necessary. so long as there's proper containment, it's a mild ride. >> reporter: but because of her death, state inspectors are tightening the rules, sending this letter to amusement park operators. the new rule, a 54 inch height requirement which avia met. and the recommendation, no more riding alone as avia did. at least two riders per gondola.
4:59 pm
that's news 4 at 4:00, news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. first at 5:00 tonight, a yoga instructor on the run, wanted in the murder of a college professor. how he's taunting police all the way from mexico. arnold's mistress comes clean, what she's revealing about the affair with her boss, and what happened once she broke the news to maria. drivers trying to beat the traffic and the system. not so fast, police are cracking down, catching hov cheaters in the act. >> good evening i'm barbara harrison. >> wendy has the night off. our first story tonight. a case of arson led to a blaze that ripped through a prince george's county home. it began around 4:00 a.m., along early oaks lane in capitol heights.


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